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Bounce2.h · Added a fix for Due, 10 months ago. BouncySwitch_lockout. The original version of Bounce (Bounce 1) is included but not supported anymore. Dec 13, 2013 The Arduino is fast, humans are slow. When you push down a button, what seems like a single change to slow humans is really multiple. Bounce, written by Thomas Ouellet Fredericks, makes it easy to reliably read pushbuttons #include const int buttonPin = 12; Bounce pushbutton.

#include // This code turns a led on/off through a debounced button. // Build the circuit indicated here: cc/en/Tutorial/Button. Bounce is a library for Arduino. It debounces digital inputs and more. Bounce has passed from version 1 to version 2. Version 2 is released but.

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